Leonard Peltier

"Through my paintings I can be with my People — in touch with my culture, tradition, and spirit. I can watch little children in regalia, dancing and smiling; see my elders in prayer; behold the intense glow in a warrior's eye."

Why to Buy

Sales of paintings by the artist Leonard Peltier benefit human rights and social welfare organizations (recently Trail of Hope, a Native American conference dealing with drug and alcohol addiction; World Peace and Prayer Day; First Nation Student Association; and the Buffalo Trust Fund).

Calendar of Events

  • Apr

    Miami, FL: Amnesty International - USA Human Rights Conference 2016, 1-3 Apr.


    Olympia, WA: 2nd Annual Social Justice Block Party, Olympia-Rafah Solidarity Mural, Capitol Way and State Avenue, 22-23 Apr.


    Albuquerque, NM: Gathering of Nations Pow Wow, 29-30 Apr.


  • Aug

    Santa Fe, NM: Indigenous Fine Art Movement (IFAM), 18-20 Aug.